Monday, May 30, 2011

On the TENJI Fraud! Buy 1 free 1?

Been wanted to blog about this for a while but have always forgotten to. So the other day this was brought up, and I thought I should do so before it slipped out of my mind again.

About a couple of months ago, during one of the weekends, we were in Tenji for their buffet dinner, as they had a promotion of buy 1 with the second person at 50% off. We thought we had quite a good time, with the good variety of food to choose from and all. So we kept their number for further use should we want to make a booking for further visits.

So about 2 weeks later, we decided to go for the lunch treat again. We came across their promotion on their website that there's a buy 1 free 1 promotion. Without further delay, we sent them bookings enquiry for 2 pax; which they happily confirmed. Came the Saturday *take note* of our booking date, we headed to the premise, preparing a 100 bucks bill.

We walked towards the reception counter, preparing to pay, when the cashier said it's Rm132 for 2 pax. We pulled out another 50 bucks bill by reflex, before we suddenly came to our senses and took back our money. This wasn't right. We saw the promotion of buy 1 free 1 during lunch hour, and by logical calculations, even with taxes included, it shouldn't be more than Rm100. And that's where the fraud came in, the promotion only holds on WEEKDAYS, and NOT on WEEKEND!

Furious, we demanded an explanation. How could they put up the promotion ad without any information or clauses that it didn't hold on weekend right? It's practically cheating the customers and the public! Never mind that the food was great and all, but this advertisement was just wrong, in so many levels! We could just rest the case there and then, like many Malaysians would. But we didn't. When the cashier couldn't provide any further explanation, we demanded to see the manager.

And the manager took his own sweet time, coming out only after half an hour. Guess what's the more ridiculous reason a person could give?

"We expect our customer to call and clarify with us."

Like, WT*?!?!?!

So you printed the phone number in large fonts in the ad, and expect the customer to call and clarify the promotion when they place bookings? How would we know we need to CALL, when we already have their business card, where it was printed in the card that we could make a booking via SMS?!

We asked the manager what's he gonna do now that we felt cheated by their misleading advertisement. In fact, it wasn't even misleading. It was clearly stated there was a buy 1 free 1 promotion for lunch, and there was no clause that it wasn't valid on weekend. And by that, can't we ASSUME, that the promotion is available 7 days a week; like how they ASSUME their customer would call in to clarify it with them? I mean, as customer, we shouldn't even be the one calling to clarify with them, they should have made it as clear as possible in their advertisement, even small printings at the bottom of the advertisement would do.

The manager just shrugged his shoulder.

And we stormed out of the premise, full of rage.

This fraud is just plain unacceptable. Complain!

But upon checking in their website now, it seemed that TENJI MONT KIARA is closed for renovation. Hmm....

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Twilight said...

I am green with envy!... You seem to dine frequently in posh & lavish outlets always! I agree that their advertising is a bad taste and misleading one. Boycott man!

LittleLamb said...

take it up with the Tribunal

Keep the flyer and ur receipt.

Tempus said...

so you went to the one in puchong? well, like lamby said, put up the consumers' tribunal key word they'd probably start trembling.

Small Kucing said...

Agree wit Little Lamb

[SK] said...

oh, that is not good!! they didn't mention weekends are not included in the promo, and how can the manager just shrug of ignorance like that?? totally irresponsible, and make sure you stand on your ground and make the complaints!! fight for consumer rights!!!

Gratitude said...

Eecks such a late post!
or curi curi go? :P

Gratitude said...

Eecks such a late post!
or curi curi go? :P

Vin said...

We need something similar to Penang's CAP here...