Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On the New Phone Subsidy

Finally the cheque arrived! Woots!

Though with much frustration and everything, because apparently one of our us who submitted the sponsorship application said the office did not have any cheque for us! I was literally fuming, I received the letter and none of them did. Although she was the one who filled in the sponsorship application form, I thought at least all of us should be receiving our cheques because there were 3 names mentioned in the letter. But she was pretty convinced that the dean's office didn't have any leftovers for us as we didn't even receive any calls and what nots.

So about a week later when I was finally able to make it out from class 2 hours earlier before the office close for the lunch break, I stormed into the office asking to see the person to contact as mentioned in the letter.

"Hmm, did you fill in the form?"

"Yes. My friend submitted it for me."

He looked at me suspiciously. Then he read the letter again. And his pointy hands were following the lines as he read them.

"So you were Medie?"


He picked up the phone and called up the dean's office and enquire about any cheques for the medical students mentioned.

"So got lah? Okay, I'll send this poor boy to get his cheque then."

And so I scooted upstairs to get that long-awaited piece of cheque. Woots!~

But if you ask me what am I going to do with it, it shall be for the new phone. My old faithful partner has been acting up since the last 2 weeks, burning 3 chargers in 3 days. Maybe it's time I get a Nokia. Birthday pressie for myself! XD

5 Jujus:

KY said...

Nokia? Not iPhone?
BTW, I love Nokia now. :)

William said...

Killed 3 chargers! You sure its not possessed?

Lucas said...

hmm, those company chop/ signature thingy are colourful and cool :)

its almost in the colour of the gay pride flag... no?

the happy go lucky one said...

thats alot money le, yesss lets usher in a new phone for medie :)

smallkucing said...

3 chargers kaput ah? better get new phone then. Dangerous :)