Sunday, November 22, 2009

On Savouring Durian Tart

See, I got the opportunity to experience the lifestyle of those employees working in the office from 9 to 5 in PJ Newtown the other day, when lunch time as it seemed to me was the only time of the working day that they could get out of their office and sip the fresh air (or hot air).

So naturally, all the eateries inside the squares would be packed to the brim. And that also includes good business for the hawker uncle selling rojak and chee cheong fun.

We came across this restaurant called Seri Karak or something. There was just too much name I couldn't figure which one was the real name. Apparently, we were told earlier that the durian tart in this shop is pretty nice.

And so that afternoon, we headed for our lunch there. Since we were introduced the durian tart, so durian tart it was. Along with other main course of course. Fried rice is nice. Sin chew vermicelli is pretty delicious too. The curry fish head looks appetizing, but I didn't try it.

I totally adored the nyonya cake, been craving for them since I didn't get my share of blueish glutinous rice cake in Penang. >.<

Well, go ahead and try the food out.

Restaurant Seri Karak
PJ Newtown

ps: sadly, this isn't a paid post.

10 Jujus:

Bravebear said...

~.~ food... Sounds yummy... I want them durian tarts too~

Gratitude said...

You had fried noodles at the main branch in karak town 3 months ago, remember?

reanaclaire said...

yes, sri karak..someone mentioned it too..durian cakes, pies.. will look it up when i go PJ.. :p

foongpc said...

I want durian tart!!!

Medie007 said...

bravebear, go get them lar. :P

gratitude, ahhh.. yeah yeah. :P i was actually wondering if it was it. :D maybe the son opens here.

reanaclaire, it's in pj newtown, would't miss if u're at the area. ;)

foongpc, go get them lor. :D

[SK] said...

yucks, i hate durians and even more hate things made with durians!! but that nyonya kuih looks delicious though.. :p

类私理 Lesly said...

When got training at PJ, I'm sure will pay a visit to Sri Karak restaurant because their food not bad and the durian tarts is superb!!!


i wanna ask one question~ do u bring ur camera around to everywhere?!?

Medie007 said...

[SK], the nyonya kuih is damn nice wei. :P

Lesly, oooh hahah u been there before >.<

L2, errr... whyyyyy? hehehehe no lah i dont have my slr with me, it's by chance ppl see me with my slr. haha

pikey said...

Hmmm..definitely need to check out the durian tart.