Saturday, November 21, 2009

On Partying Away In Fame

Weekend's HERE!!!!!!

Like it wasn't enough with Euphoria a few weeks back, while we were up north in the Pearl Island 2 weeks ago, Jumper baby asked after all his jumping shots what were we doing for the night. And so we found ourselves in this club street with all the bars and clubs and thumpa-thumpa.

Gotten ourselves some beer in the open air and chatting away. Or rather snapping away. I think my alcohol tolerance must've gotten higher since the last alcohol, two glasses of Tiger beer doesn't seem to give me those kinda high anymore. Shites!

We walked into Fame about 1030pm before it got too crowded. And we were led to this table by the side of the bar where most of the caucasian men we saw in the park earlier were at too. Small island indeed. I was saying that the bunch of caucasian men were from the park earlier because I recognised one of them with this checkered pants has a perky butt. To the shock of my company I presume. LOL.

We had a bucket of beers again, Tiger was it? As the crowd got larger as the time goes by, we found ourselves surrounded by smokes and smelly people. Okay maybe not so much of the later. But I was told that I would be expecting such a smell from the clubs. I was like, really??? I thought the dancefloor of Euphoria is a non-smoking area.

But anyways, as the crowds grew larger by the hours, I guess the alcohol finally kicked in. Wasn't exactly euphoric, but managed to shake some heads and move some butts. Partly thanks to the superb dancer who had me the pole in his pole dancing routine which shocked the group of caucasian guys I was talking about earlier. Yeaps, to the extend that one of them came up and asked to take a photo with him. Without me. Yea. Just the pole. LOL.

Later into the night, there was this bunch of teenagers coming in and occupying the other half of this side of the club. I thought that group must've easily comprised about 50 of them 20s. Guys and girls alike. Guys in shirts and jeans, girls in evening dress. You know, those where people wear to formal occasions in 5 star hotels. Yeaps we saw them there.

There was this guy, prolly the leader or something, VERY good looking, strolling in front of us again and again. Hands holding another boys and walked towards another end of the club, and came back up, and tried some dancing. And I didn't remember what else did he do. Gays would've had their gaydar ringing I presume, very metrosexual-y, very tight white jeans and spiked up hairs. But on another occasions, he was hugging one of them dolls at the waist, dancing away, or rather this hip thrusting moves. You go figure.

We left shortly after this sexy ladies night segment. Lame. I personally thought there shouldn't have all these kind of games slotting in. Maybe it's a form of attractions to get people to come. But I personally prefered to thumpa-thumpa all the way if I was in a club.

Ah well...

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TZ said...

TZ likes this *one thumb up*

Evann said...

Wow! Unleashing the party animal in you lately hey? Partay on! :D

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww sounds fun to me kekeee