Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Getting a Love Bite

Hear ye' hear ye'! In the spirit of of the Christmas month, the medie is going to go all out sharing everything and anything happening in his life. And of course, that includes all those juicy and saucy bits. And by that, he thinks he'll most probably blogs more about all those dirty secrets you normal people would not even notice if he never talked about it. So yeah, sit tight! Scandalous scandalous!



Noticed it a few days ago when it started to itch. So took a closer look trying to see if it's actually the shape of the mouth of the last ONS that I had. Ahem. A rough one we had. Lots of sucking and biting. Rest assured both nips were swollen up with all the bite marks. And I'm sure had a lower back pain after all those rough humping and thrusting.

Yea right. That one sexual encounter that get me landed as a neurotic case in the imaginery hospital. Ps: Of course it was a fiction writing! So touch wood, I don't want to end up becoming a case studies for my colleagues.

Now... back to the love bite... It's itchy.

So you go figure what it is.

But ooooh! Nicholas is cute! Petite, but CUTEEE! :P

Pardon me. It was just a sudden thought. Was thinking about the soreness on the ankle when I thought of him. The 2nd encounter up close, darn, he has a smooth face! And CUTEEE!!!

6 Jujus:

[SK] said...

ooops!! you left footprints after walk.. and he left love bites after the ONS~~

joshua said...

I also got a lot of such marks.

After getting my whole chest, "bitten" by the ECG leads. LOL

AJ said...


i guess u're one heck of a wild beast on bed huh? ;P

Janvier said...

Is we only allowed view up to axilla? Is that the only love bite?

TZ said...

Love bite :p LoL...Dude, we can see clearly... :p

Jason said...