Sunday, December 07, 2008

On Driving in the Rain

Serve me right...

That's all I'm saying.

Sitting on a bed with white sheet, and stealing the hospital's line for online, and have the nurse coming to measure my blood pressure and check on the IV drip hourly just to make sure I'm alright, this is what I get for driving in the rain.

And taking photos too.

See. It was one of those 'forbidden' trip up to Petaling Jaya for some hot sex encounter in the middle of the week. What's with me all sexed up after refraining from sex for almost a week or so, you can expect me to say an instant yes when there's an invite for my hot hung penis. I took the Kesas Highway heading towards Subang Jaya when it started to rain cats and dogs. But the image of me screwing some hot sexy girl with a C cup breast and moan like a porn star, how would I not be excited and anticipating?

I was driving at a speed of 140mph when suddenly I lost control of my steering. Must've hit the potholes of water on the road. The car was spinning on the highway before finally the front part of the car hit the road divider. I was bounced back to the middle of the road when another car came hitting from the right. Before I know it, the whole car was rolling on the road. My head was spinning as the earth was rotating. For a while I thought I was up on top but for another I felt as if my whole body weight was falling on top of my head.

When the car finally stopped rolling, I looked out from the window and to my horror, a headlight came so fast from afar. It was a long honk before the momentum came hit on me. And I think I saw the white light. Or something. Maybe not.

So there you go. I'm now in the hospital, waking up after 36 hours of coma, amazingly to no physical injuries. Anything inside I wouldn't know. Maybe that's why they're all so worried about me, checking on me hourly to prevent me from going into hypovolemic shock or something. I got lazy asking that's why...

Now if you're really interested in seeing a miracle, do come down to the Klang General Hospital. I'm in the A&E ward.

Got ya?

Told you I'm a neurotic case.

And nope, I won't tell how how large my tool is. They say size matters. I think it does too.

Oh, it was really freaking scary to drive in a thunderstorm really...

7 Jujus:

raeshad said...

eh......what's this? a christmas prank?

ouch.....i'm sleepy and i'm still commenting away...

anyway, is this post really just a pent-up, sex post?

ish. go get laid already!!!! xD

TZ said...

*Confused look* Hey what's about this entry... i thought you really have the accident :-( after that felt that i got cheated.

joshua said...

a mind-blowing orgasm is what u need! ;P

Bengbeng said...

if the others are correct, i am cheated too :)

Medie007 said...

raeshad, i didn't know ppl throw pranks on christmas! :P and i had a lot of sex lately thank you. :P

TZ, hahahahahha. and to think i was actually sitting opposite of you?

joshua, you're offering? :P

bengbeng, uh... i'm neurotic lah. that's why.

ernie said...

hmmm.. for once i thot this is REAL. then i got convinced that you are ok, and if not how can u leave trail on pinkville!!!

anyway, thanks for dropping by the site..

AJ said...

And nope, I won't tell how how large my tool is. They say size matters. I think it does too

*now i'm pondering how BIG is ur tool...wakakaka ;P