Saturday, December 06, 2008

On Hearing the Bombs

I swore it wasn't the lightning. The lights come faster than the sound isnt it? But this one was not. The 'thunder' was a one 'booom' instead of 'tum-dooom', or whatever the normal thunder sounds like. And the sound coincided with the light! And the light was not like a lightning or anything. Just basically a flash of two that light up the sky.

So yea, I was panicked. War in Sunway? Firearms demonstration? Fireworks? But it was 0100! Morning! Even if it's a firework show put on by Sunway, it wouldn't be that late right?

I soften my radio, to listen to the 'bombings' once again. Yeap. It definitely was not thunder. And my mind drifted elsewhere again.

So my mind was drifting towards something else. War.... Possible, lots of cars were fleeing and driving like mad. Or... it could be ALIEN INVASION! And what if it really was an alien invasion? I'll be doomed driving along the highway right? Like, it's so darn obvious and like, I'M HERE! COME GET ME!

Or a firearms war? Like you know, those riots that happened? With police trying to stop them. And the protesters resisted. And before u know it, arm bombs were threw out. Or, it could be worse. Like something that happened, pardon me, I'm really sorry for the loss, in Mumbai. Some terrorists burning down the lion's head maybe?

All those wild thoughts flashed inside my mind. Should I go and check it out? I was actually at this overhead bridge from LDP across the Federal Highway. I could go straight and check out the scene, or I could just turn into the highway and drive madly back home.

And I opted for the later. So you can actually imagine me frantically stepping on my accelerator and went zooming on the highway. Thank goodness there was no roadblocks or too much car. If anything, I'm expecting some summonses.

I reached Klang in about 20 minutes, if not less. The bombings was not heard. No more flashing lights in the sky. I'm finally away from the site of destruction.

That's when I saw the sky flashing in the distant far. Banting maybe? Goodness....!!! I turned into the hospital, drove up to the hostel, and ran back to my room. It's still in normal condition. Good.

If anything happened, be it the bomb being dropped in Klang or the hospital, I know I'll die happily anyways. Have been living my life to quite the fullest. And save me all those study and misery and anxiety of taking the exams and failing them.

And really, I swear I'm sober. I just had 2 mild, really really reallllyyyyy mild cocktails. My whole body was sore though.

And of course not, I'm not hallucinating. I got back in once piece didn't I?

7 Jujus:

TZ said...

Dude, you have been watching too many action movies ... hiak hiak... moreover with benjie made you the nice Mint Frappe... you really heard the bombing sound while driving. Let's check the news today :p

Fable Frog said...

nothing in the news wor~ hmmmm your imagination kot~

Anonymous said...

Must be your hallucination. Hehehe... Drink more lah!sc

pikey said...

you really have good imaginations lar... or perhaps when the aliens have landed, one of them might look like Keanu Reeves. :X

Daniel Ng said...

Bro. Are u sure you only have two really really reallllyyyyy mild cocktails?

Medie007 said...

TZ, not that i recalled. i think i havent been to the movies for months! :P and that mint frappe doesn't have any effect la. :P

fable, obviously lar my imagination. hahaha

calvin,make me more!!! i want more!!! hahaha

Medie007 said...

pikey, wah keanu reeves hor? then i wouldn't mind if they kidnap me lah. oh wait... i dun want to be dissected by aliens alive. so nope, i'll still drive madly away from the scene.

daniel, really! it was really really reaaallllyyyy mild cocktails! puhleas, it was just 2. when it was 4 cocktails and 1 shot, then i probably can't walk straight. but two? beh. hahaha