Friday, December 12, 2008

On Going Non-Medical

There's the series of lecture called PPD. I don't really know what the acronym stands for. Google showed the result of total unrelated subjects. District Education Department. Purefied Protein Derivative. Post-partum Depression.

Anyways, what we know, it's actually under this umbrella of the department in the faculty (or maybe not) that in charge of family health, public health, community health and statistics and what not that leave all us medies grumbled with how lame and how hard it is. Trust me. Go ask any medical students and everyone will say medicine is about medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics and ObGyn. Or at least these are the few disciplines that really got their arses moving.

So when it comes to the afternoon lectures slotted with all the 'other' subjects apart from medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics and ObGyn, you can expect half the class went missing. Not a news. I'm not sure if it happened in any other medical school be it private or government, but it sure does happened over here. Since generations and generations ago.

I for one, tried very very very much to like these subjects, which are not medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, paediatrics and ObGyn. Though I wasn't able to really appreciate statistics and family health which was the first two discipline taught before this. But I was determined. I wanted to make sure all the lecturers are paid to do what they're obliged to do. And me as a student, I wanted to play my part as well...

And when it was Dr. Ng coming into the lecture hall, I stood even straighter. I pay attention to lecturers who are able to speak clearly, the ones who are able to grasp my attention... And Dr. Ng, even before she started the lecture, got my attention already. "I'm sorry class, didn't know the jam would be so bad with the diversion of the road and everything. But I guess me being late also lead to the diversion of half the class hmm?"

"So today, we're going to talk about money."

Uhuh. Yeah!

"The first thing when you graduate, after 2 more odd years or so, you'll become a houseman. And naturally, you'll be doing your housemanship in any of the hospitals in the country, which is good. Except from Sabah or Sarawak."


"Unless it is your choice to be there, then it is good as well."

Okay. Fine.

And the lecture started. The talk about management of finance. Where the money come in for the government hospital. It's after all, the last series of the lectures regarding human resource and management stuff.

Now really. I swear I swear I swear I was trying soooo hard to stay awake and follow her lecture. So I did!

Before I actually found out I was sleeping in more than half of her class. By the time I woke up, everyone else was standing up and about to leave the hall.

Damn! Thanks to my sleepi-headed-ness... I missed a good lecture. Again.

But really, what the heck is "economic concept of scarcity"?!

And that's why I guess no one likes all these subjects. There's no clear apparent picture of what we're looking at! Not bone. Not skin. Not lumps or bumps. Not even the vagina or the penises or the boobs or the butt!

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AJ said...

i can give u a private session of economic scarcity ;)

joshua said...

I think PPD = Professional and Personal Development
(kinda like infomercials - hey, it's not lectures and they're not examinable right?)

It's all with completing us, future medical graduates with OTHER skills in life. blablabla

So technically, we are being equipped with general skills of other fiels. Again, blablabla.

My juniors had lectures on 'how to read journals' and 'stress management among healthcare workers'.


Medie007 said...

AJ... sure please. come meet up? :P

joshua, it is examinable lar. why would i even bother if it's not right?

*Anton* said...

Arhhhh, lectures.... never liked them! It's alwiz a time to catch up on sleep.


Medie007 said...

wakakakkaka... how very very true. :P