Saturday, July 26, 2008

On Overpriced Food

I couldn't think of anything to eat. Wasn't too hungry to eat anything heavy, but definitely need something to satisfy the itchy mouth. Fast food's out, those hangout places doesn't seem attractive since I'll be lunching alone... And that leads me only to mixed rice. Mixed rice it was then. Thing is, the 3 bucks in SS17 isn't open on weekends, as well as the ones inside the school. So that left me this corner shop in SS2.

I've had a very BAD experience eating mixed rice in this shop. The last time I was there, I was with KK. Perhaps I was going a bit too much by taking a meat dishes, a vege dishes and tofu back then, as how I always do. But that cost me nearly 8 bucks. Like erm. KK's was about 7 bucks. Shockingly expensive if you ask me. I could get 2 meats and 2 veges for 3 bucks inside the school campus, or sometimes, the most 3.50RM in SS17.

Later on we told the others that we've had some really classy fine dining of mixed rice. We made note never to go back to that place ever again, no matter how much I like mixed rice for lunch. But the thing is, both the mixed rice aunties in SS17 and inside the uni campus aren't available on weekends. There are a few others here and there, but at 2 in the afternoon, I doubt the smaller shops have any more stuff left. Besides, the food here isn't as bad. Just overly priced.

Somehow I entered the shop and asked for a plate of plain rice. Scooped 2 meat dishes and one mixed veges. Wouldn't be slit throat expensive I thought.

Amazingly, the cashier just look at the plate and said 3.50RM. Whoa, that's pretty cheap. Maybe it's the taukeh and not the tauke-nioh who charged me 8 bucks the last time I was here.

Just that, I heard wrongly, and it turned out to be 5.50RM instead of 3.50RM. Blardy hell. What I took was typical alright. 1vege+2meats, 2vege+1meat, 1meat+fish... normally that's how mixed rice stalls charge. So I checked the signboards when I sat down.

Mothafucka indeed. It's supposed to be just 5.00RM! Blardy hell. There are ways to earn money you fool! The aunty selling 2meats+2veges in school can afford to drive Honda Vios with just 3.00RM a plate. Overpricing your stuff will only leave bad BAD impressions on your customer. Now it's for sure I'm never to come back for the mixed rice. NEVER!

Nope, I have no guts to go argue. Whatever.

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Peng Loon said...

yup =) the whole shop is overpriced! the stupid drinks oso so freaking expensive... even the individual stalls are quite pricey!!

Janvier said...

We used to go there almost every Saturday night for supper during our uni years when we stayed in Klang. :) Because we wanted Chinese food after midnight. Never ever eatened the mixed rice there before, always went for the kuey teow soup, char kuey teow, curry mee or wan tan mee.

Still eat there every now and then.

msian abroad said...

i miss ss2 and the tau foo fah van just adjacent to sun hing loong .

gosh even eating chap fun will bring me joy now.

Ah-Bong said...

haha peng loon, never tried the other stuff. was there, like i said, just for the mixed rice. and yeah, the teh-ais cost farking 1.40RM wei!!!

janvier... supper... there???? all the way from Klang???

msian abroad, ooo new reader! ;) everyone abroad always claim to miss the food in malaysia most. heh.

Anonymous said...

If I were you, I will ask the boss why is it so expensive for my plate of mixed rice and I will show the plate to every other customer and grunts my dissaticfaction and let everyone in the coffee shop knows about this.

Then, I will put down the plate and walk out from the shop. You have rights as a customer from buying things that you think it's over priced. Tell them that you will call the Customers Association or whatever they call it to make a complain about the shop and their price.

Next, make another complain to every major newspaper and let them go to the shop to interview them, snap their faces and photos to be published on papers nationwide. Then, make another complain to ntv7 Edisi Siasat and Hak Anda programme and ask them to investigate.

Katetricia said...

Agrees. everything in the shop is overpriced. it's in my banned list since..err....

N years ago? lol

I bet you will agree that it's tasteless too! ;p

Try opp SeaPark's KFC's Mixed rice.with what you just choose, is only RM 3 most.

I love going there, cos I get to eat balance food, for less than RM4 even after the price/flour price raise! :D