Friday, October 14, 2011

On the Perfume Dumbie

I'm not a perfume person. I have never used perfume. And I got a bit put off when the smell of perfume mix with sweat, especially the cheap perfume you can get from the night market. Having said that, no, I have no idea how to differentiate between a genuine perfume from a pirated perfume.

So, when NTV7 Feel Good Run gave a small sample bottle of Davidoff Champion in the goodie bag after the run, I was actually surprised. And I sort of put it aside and almost forgot about it until last night. I've seen a friend of mine using similar sample bottles, of some other brands perhaps. But he pulled out the lever and applied the perfume like a brush or something. And I thought that's how it works with all these small sample bottles.

But guess what happened?


Super dumb!

Thank goodness I managed to fit the spring back. Not after having a spray of it on my face. And that was when I found out the miracle. It actually works like a spray. =.="

Gotta say though, it smells quite nice...

3 Jujus:

[SK] said...

hahaha, that's really dumb.. i thot you can see the noozle cleary??

Gratitude said...

Hahahahahha yet another discovery!

Small Kucing said...

ouch...lucky not kena eyes :)