Monday, July 04, 2011

On the NTV7 Feel Good Run

"Because my doctor made me do it..." - Phat Fabes (In the promotional video above)

So I registered for this run, in conjunction with the xxth anniversary of NTV7 a couple of months ago out of misery. Registered for sis as well. But she was so worried, even asked me if she could skip the run. But after I collected the running kit 2 days prior to the run, I have no regrets!

I thought NTV7 actually did quite a great job in getting the sponsors. New Balance shirt, a face towel and a bottle? Apart from Penang International Bridge Marathon and Standard Chartered KL Marathon, none of the other runs that I joined provided any guide book. And this Feel Good Run actually provided one. So what can I say? I think they did a very good preparation for the run.

Came Sunday, we departed home at 6am, thought it wouldn't take us long to reach the place. We just wanted to avoid the jam. Parked at the open parking area and walked with many others for 10 minutes to the starting line.

The turnout took me by surprise. When we were set to run, I heard from the emcee that there were thousands of participants in the 7km category alone. And there was a group of runners wearing costumes. Blame myself for not able to capture sharp photos though, but these guys are interesting.

We flagged of at half past 7 and headed to the highway. It wasn't a tough start, but it got tougher when my sole started to sore. Been such for the past one week after coming back from the half marathon. But it was still bearable. We went into the residential area in Bandar Utama, and I was wondering if any of the owners here were running as well. LOL.

Came out form the other side of the road connecting Centrepoint and the Curve, and came across some really cute distant markers. The organizers indeed made this run "Feel Good". The routes were pretty flat, no uphills nor downhills, so it was quite an easy run. But the idea of it must've made me slow down... and laziness took over. Started on a few short stretches of walk because the mind got lazy.

But like I said, the organizer did a very good job looking for sponsors. Drink stations for the runners provided Gatorade! And it was not even a 10km run. I just stood there and drank a whole big bottle like, 4 cups. Continued with the remaining 2.5km after that.

I didn't thought there would be much hazard anyways. It was after all, a Sunday morning, and we were pretty much running inside a residential area, as compared to a major busy road, like that of Jalan Cheras. But later on did I found out from my sis that she saw some car nearly knocked into the runners because the poor marshall control. I mean, that wasn't that all a problem to me. I ran most my runs as if I was the king of the road, and only avoid by swerving if the cars were crossing the line.

So in the end, despite the lazy devil in me telling me to just take it easy; I wanted to see if I could make it in under an hour, and I did! Woohoo!~ Had about 13 minutes to spare too. LOL. Saw a few friends, and got a call from Sis. She completed her "walk" of 3km slightly ahead of me.

The crowd at the goodies bag redemption counter was insane! There was no proper line, and the crowd was cutting queue. Or wait... I didn't even think there was a queue. But alas, I bulldoze everybody else and got a pretty decent goodies bag. I mean, not bad after all!

Apart from some small packets of biscuits and sweets, we were also given lotion sponsored by TLC, a mini Shokobutsu shower gel, plus.... a sample Davidoff perfume!!!!! Like... whoa... But I'm not a perfume user anyways. LOL!

Gold medal! I thought I didn't finish first! LOL!

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Twilight Man said...

You have been running so much but still the same size. Try running backwards! LOL

[SK] said...

nice medal..

Anonymous said...

wah! this twilight man's mouth so poison one. Dr, you got any drugs to flush it out or not?

Small Kucing said...

Twilight Man's idea is very good wor...LOL

Gratitude said...

I love Davidoff *ahem ahem*