Friday, August 19, 2011

On the Opening of Tutti Frutti

Months ago, we came by the grand opening of Tutti Frutti IOI Boulevard in Puchong. We heard the emcee asking the public to come by and join in the fun. It was a day of joy and celebration! There were lucky draws, discounts on the frozen yogurt, colouring competitions for the children, and of course, I suppose what draw the crowd was the FREE FOOD!

I mean, come on, no! I didn't go there for the fried mee hoon and hot dogs and free syrup drinks. I swear I didn't! LOL.

Okay. I really didn't. We were passing by looking for lunch. But I admit, the thought came in mind. Free food. Who wouldn't want that? Okay, I know ONE who doesn't. LOL.

Anyways, it was their grand opening, and there was discounts on the frozen yogurt. 50% off for the whole day. Did some thinking and man, that's a lot! So after our lunch, we headed back to the premise for some frozen yogurt.

Had something a little bit more than what I would be taking. A little bit more of the original flavour frozen yogurt. A little bit more of the longan. A little bit more of the peach. Add in a spoon of nuts and almonds slices...

And it came out significantly cheaper than what I thought! Awesomeness! Had it not because I was so full from the beer earlier, I would've had a larger cup of this frozen yogurt already.

Now now... where's the next eatery grand opening? LOL I swear I'll keep my stomach empty for the free food. LMAO!

3 Jujus:

LifeRamblings said...

i love free stuff. Who doesn't like free food?

TZ said...

This reminds me of using the 10% discount voucher that is going to expire soon.

[SK] said...

yeah, not bad right?? free food and 50% discount on the yoghurt!! lucky you leh..