Monday, August 01, 2011

On the Charity Dinner

So I was invited by Mr. Twilight last weekend to this dinner in Sentul, was roughly told it was for charity and he has some free seats. By 7.30pm, we were in the HGH Convention Hall in Sentul. Have never been to this part of the city, therefore, had it not for TZ who picked me up, I'd probably get lost in there.

Upon arrival, there were some children performing on the stage. So we were led to the table and took our seat. It seemed that the tables where we were seated, cost RM700. But the nearer a table is to the stage, the more expensive it gets. But anyways, RM700 is fine.

It was sort of a competitive performance organized to raise funds for the building of a multipurpose cultural hall for a primary school somewhere in Cheras. Have no idea what it really was to be honest, tried so hard to understand the words written on the backdrop of the stage. Something about oldies. Something about competition. But not exactly a competition because it's more of like a 'friendly match'. But anyways... I'm not gonna lie that I was there for the dinner. LMAO!

First dish was only served at 8pm. Luckily I had something earlier before we headed to the convention hall. The list of dishes were long. 9 dishes in total, including 2 desserts. Typical Chinese dinner, similar to the ones in the weddings, where the dinner lasts for a couple of hours.

Second dish was shark fin soup, with very generous servings of shark fins. I don't know about the rest on the table. But when I saw they stopped taking a second serving of the soup and continued with their chatting, I became the one who cleaned the bowl. Not that I'm complaining though. LOL.

There were actually 80 singers that night, veteran singers, as how TZ put it. They sang Chinese oldies and their voice were... good vocals indeed. I suppose the judges would have difficult times giving marks because to me, they all sounded the same. And they're all as great.

Back to the dinner... We had some other stuff as well.. The braised herbal chicken was superb.

The fried Nestum prawns were delicious.

And glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf, which came last, at about 10pm or so, was the seal of my tummy. I didn't even think I could take in another bite of food. And I thought it was already quite late for food.

But the singing continued. With the handling of a mock cheque worth 75,000 bucks raised from the dinner, to the director of the respective school.

By 1030pm, the dessert finally arrived. It was great alright. It was delicious. But I was totally full and bloated and I could feel as though the food was up to my eosophagus already.

All in all, it was a great dinner. Though well... I didn't actually contribute any money that night, even when the volunteers came over with the donation box. Stingy me! LOL.

By the way, did I mention how grand the hall is? There were like, on-stage fireworks! And the LED lightings by the wall. And the intelligent lights on the stage. This hall can even be a concert hall. But of course, it already is. Was told people hold weddings and seminars and sometimes concert as well. And, the floor is carpeted. The entire hall! And the air-condition was super cold. Okay I shall stop being a sakai. LOL.

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Small Kucing said...

uiks....looks very familiar... saw another friend also posted about this dinner

[SK] said...

the performance!! hahaha, i am so speechless~~ haha :D

Medie007 said...

small kucing, ur friend also thre?

sk, yor... must respect okeh. even though they are veteran still got so much courage to sing in front of such a huge crowd lor.

Twilight Man said...

It was definitely the best dinner I had in years. The right food and right friends made the night greater. More to come!!