Sunday, August 14, 2011

On Buffalo Kitchen Concept Restaurant

Was in Bangsar Village looking for some place to eat when I thought we'd just head out to the streets to look for something less... common. And guess what, so we did! Walked into Buffalo Kitchen Concept Restaurant which, apart from serving meals, also sells their pots and pants.

Love the concept actually. They were promoting their utensils by cooking in them, literally.

The space was spacious, with open balcony and a bar area. The open kitchen allows patrons to observe the cookings, though I doubt anyone would be bothered.

We had their set lunch. 3 course meals. Before the starter, we had the complimentary bread. I didn't even know we were having Italian.

The starter was delicious. Pumpkin soup with scallop. One piece. Scallop, I mean. But the pumpkin soup was indeed, very delicious.

Main course was chicken with cheese. Didn't know what it really was until the dish arrived. Basically it was chicken stuffed with cheese. VERY thick pieces of cheese, I thought I would puke. But it turned out to be pretty delicious. Not over the rainbow, but not that bad.

Dessert was a bit... disappointing, I'd say. Considering the starter and the main course was so... lavishly designed and prepared. It was a slice of blueberry cake, with icings. Sort of make it looked as though it was a ready-bought from the bakeries.

But overall, it was indeed a very nice place to hang out.

Hoegaarden was superb and fresh, like, you can smell the freshness of it. So totally loved it. (Hoegaarden for lunch? Seriously?)

The bill came out to be... well... beer was as much as the meals. LOL.

But otherwise, it's honestly a great place. ;)

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LittleLamb said...

If I buy pots n pans there, will it be cheaper?

Small Kucing said...

can buy the Chef also ka?

Medie007 said...

@little lamb, no idea wor. didn't even enquire about the pots and pans on display...

@small kucing, hahahahah can, monthly payment up to a few k's lor. i think. :P

Danny said...

ya wor... the cake looks like something they sell in pasar ramadan ;p

Medie007 said...

wah. which pasar ramadan so upgraded one?

[SK] said...

so how much was that set lunch and the beer?? the food looks pretty good to me though..

Twilight Man said...

You damn amaze me MEdie! You go on eating and drinking spree like a taukeh chai. LOL.
I think you should look at my blog list BIG BOYS OVEN and buy all the hefty discount coupons!

Borneo Falcon said...

I still have some Lego toys from my childhood day which still remain intact at home

Gratitude said...

The last pic was the best right? lolz