Monday, August 22, 2011

On the Antenatal Determinant

Obstetrician told us one day.

If a pregnant lady come to the labor room, and her child is in respiratory distress, and has lack of oxygen, and after delivery the baby is blue and all, but survived... You just go ahead and tell the mother, "Don't worry, your baby is gonna be fine. A little brain injury, no harm. He's gonna be a doctor or a lawyer in the future!"

As opposed to that, if the baby's healthy, kicking and crying and all... "Congratulations! Your baby is healthy and is gonna become a mathematician or an engineer in the future!"

The logic behind it all?

Lawyer and doctor only need to memorize the facts.
Mathematician and engineers think.


But really. The mindset of it all, since ages ago... Note all the professions quoted. Doctor. Lawyer. Engineer.

Ugh. So not creative.

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[SK] said...

haha, i think it's just fine to say any profession.. the parents will not take it seriously but just a congratulatory pat on the shoulder in a humouros way..

Small Kucing said...

LOL funny. what about bloggers?

Twilight Man said...

Oh yeah the nurse said I was so long and heavy. Told my mum I would be an infant milk's baby advertisement. Ahem!

Naomi said...

hahaha. So if a doc make a mistake, the doc can blame it on lack of oxygen when the doc was born.

TZ said...

So how about those people work in IT... born with an "I"

I AM A BLOGGER said...

.lookin great with ur new hairstyle~^^

hmmm~it is predetermined^^