Saturday, July 23, 2011

On the iPoh Salted Chicken

So we were in Ipoh not long ago for the run. We stopped by Ipoh before headed up North to Kuala Kangsar, doing some sightseeing and food hunting and all... My friend recommended that we get a salted chicken as our dinner in Kuala Kangsar, I thought it was a great idea. And so, we set out to look for the most famous salted chicken store.

He had a rough idea the famous shop was yellow.

But the problem is... From where we stood that day, we saw 3 shops selling salted chicken painted in yellow, some red+yellow... And when we looked around some more, we saw a green shop, and another blue one!

He tried to call his colleagues to confirm the name of the shop. I too, messaged a friend.

Me: Hey, which is the famous salted chicken shop? Is it xxx?

Friend: Erm...Not sure. But it's the yellow one.

Me: There are 3 yellow shops.

Friend: The one with yellow and red one wor.

Me: Yeah. Got two of them. Green one also got. Blue one also got.

Friend: Erm... Like that ah... I don't know lor. Actually I think all of them tasted almost the same. I find better salted chicken in Klang night market.

Me: =.="

8 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

its the red and white shop la...aun kheng lim :p. But this depend on taste la.

doc said...

since you can afford it, but 1 from each shop!

TZ said...

Next time we have to consult small kucing.

Robinn T said...

there's one specific shop one, but i think its what small kucing mentioned. have to ask the dad.

[SK] said...

errr, not the red one meh?? that's what i bought~~

JN said...

if you come to klang for the salted chicken, you can call me to ask direction. haha.

Gratitude said...

hahahahahahah hehehehehehe wakakakakakakaka

Well, food in Klang is way better, almost always :P

Jason said...

Woi y sound so familiar one :p ... +Ant+ i think the 'friend' meant the wednesday pasar malam one :p