Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the Temple's Noodle

There's this temple located about 40 minutes drive away from home which we would frequent every year during Chinese New Year without fail. Last year, even though it was raining, we still climbed up those steps, and I wet my shoes indeed.

This year, we decided to go on the 6th day of the Lunar calendar. Therefore, it was pretty quiet. And not much people up there too. Maybe because most of the visitors went up as early as the first day of CNY.

After we've done the needful, we headed to the kitchen. It was after all, only 7 in the morning and we haven't had our breakfast. The vegetarian noodle here had always been my favourite too. So it's only natural that I had a second serving.

The parents of course were asking me to control, but then again, it's not like we get a lot of times where there were not many worshipers rushing for the pot of noodle and fight for the noodle like they haven't been eating for ages.

Plus, it's not like I was have them noodles take away as well! Trying not to say too much. Dad said they were full of greed, Mum said they just wanna save their lunches, I said they prolly have financial constrain...

But one thing for sure, I think the certain politicians in West Malaysia should wake up about superiority. Malay supremecy in the constitution shouldn't be challenged, fine. But why still wanna provoke racial chaos when Muslims here work in a Chinese temple?!

It's a perfect example of living in harmony. The temple probably wouldn't be a place of attraction if it wasn't well maintained by these local villagers. It's probably just a place of work for these villagers and nothing more, for which they get their salary from to support their family. Just a symbiosis, as simple as that, what's the big fuss right?

1Malaysia doesn't need all those television broadcast and repeated usage in all the speeches. If it is to be a successful propaganda, then action and results were to be shown, no just plans.

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Lucas said...

well, your view of 1M is different from my view of 1M is different from a politicians view of 1M. in other words, coining the word 1M is a very good marketing gimmick, but what exactly is 1M? methaphorically speaking, is it for you to accept me? or issit for me to comply to your wishes. either way, we become one... but at the end, will we be happy?
this is just a thought, it wasnt meant to provoke anyone :)
sorry if i messed up ur comment post medie :|