Sunday, January 31, 2010

On Seeing You

When I first about this song, I thought it's the soundtrack of Avatar. I mean, fine, I watched the movie yet I couldn't quite remember how the soundtrack sounded like. So happily I told TZ that it was sung by Mika. Mana tau, kena bombard. T.T

But even then, I still thought this is a great song. You should definitely listen to this. :D

I'm standing across from you,
and dreaming of the things I do.
I don't speak, you don't know me at all.

For fear of what you might do,
I say nothing but stare at you.
And I'm dreaming, I'm trippin' over you.

Truth be told, my problems solved,
You could be cruel to me,
While we're risking the way that I see you.
But I see you...

Conversations, not me at all,
I'm hesitating, only to fall,
And I'm waiting, I'm hating everyone.

Could it be you fell for me?
And any possibile similarity?
If its all, how would I know?
You never knew me at all, but I see you.

I'm standing across from you,
I've dreamt alone, now the dreams won't do.

Have a nice week everyone. ;-) I sure am! It's still a holiday! Ha-ha!

5 Jujus:

Unknown said...

Mika is very gifted, isn't he?
Very creative....
Have a good break,Jason!

manglish said...

so it is not sung by mika isit? i haven watched the movie yet

Reanaclaire said...

oooh...working today lar.. monday in office waiting for the time to start work.. (macam bell ring) .. so...
Have a nice week ahead, doc!!

[SK] said...

haha, this is certainly not Avatar's theme song.. that one is from Leona Lewis.. hehehehe :p

Unknown said...