Saturday, January 30, 2010

On the Dilated Eyes

In Ophthalmology, one of the essentials was to look into the eyeball. A lot of things can be seen in the eye. The retina, blood vessels, the nerves. Any abnormalities could help in diagnosing any disease of the eyes. The general physicians should at least have the basic skills in looking into the retina, and should be able to diagnose any serious fatal diseases like glaucoma or retina detachment.

But then again, I'm no general physician. I still find it difficult to look into the eye. Of the 10 patients I saw, I prolly only able to see in 1 or 2. Sobs.

So, I guess I cheated.

I used some dilators.

Helped dilate the pupils so it's bigger, enabling an easier access into the eyeball. Which I guess worked well. Because I finally saw the beauty of the eye. Like, AWESOME!!!

But I only dilate one side of the eye. So it leaves my undilated eye having a small pupil still. Note: anisocoria. Weeeee! :D

So who wanna try these magical drops?