Thursday, December 04, 2008

On Christmas Around the Corner

Was at Pavilion last Sunday. With Christmas just around the corner, you can expect all the malls in town has already started the Christmas decoration. I was actually looking forward to Christmas, yes, partly because it's like, the joyous celebration at the end of the year...

Am not literally enchanted with the decoration in Pavilion though. I find it too... Maybe well, Pavilion is too classy to be decorated with the traditional typical colourful christmasy stuff... So I guess the white tree with golden decos fit in just fine. After all, Pavilion has always been so classy anyways.

And coincidently, there was this performances. Ahhh... It has been so long that I almost forgot there actually were all these performances as Christmas was drawing near. I used to want to go to malls during Christmas, especially wanted to during the hours when there'd be performances in the middle court or the main court or something. Used to even record it too. This time round, they're the angelic dancers.

Nothing really fanciful I'd say. Am just amazed with their nice dresses. :D Lots of girl angles, just one guy angel. Or do you call it an angel? Anyways, I swear I saw the guy dancer before. Must be the performance in Mid Valley... Or somewhere.

Of course, I wasn't entirely attracted to the beautiful angels... The hunky guy organizer is such an eye candy. His pecs... Urgh! Was on our way down that grand stairs entering the main court of Pavilion when I first caught the man boobs. On second look, dude, he's a beautiful living and walking man. His hair was superb. But I was still glued to his man boobs. LMAO.

Thing is, to me, Christmas is not all about the Christmas trees and performances... No doubt it's like, ooo yay! It's Christmas! When I was younger, I'd go hoo-hah about the television programmes aired during the festive season. Disney movies never failed to entertain me. But as I grow older, there's more to the celebration. Yes yes, the gathering and warmth of the gathering and what not. But somehow, guess what else caught my attention?

No no no... Not that lady. No doubt she's a catcher in the eye... But I'm actually more attracted to the balloon. Those big ballons with some MAGICAL wordings on it...

Wee!!! The grand sale! Must... Shop... Till... Drop... Literally. Did a crazy Christmas shopping in my first year in university, and ended up having leg sore for days. Fret not though, I'm all trained for walking and standing and picking nice clothes and trying them on now. So I want to go shopping!

And coincidently, I don't know what's going on, whether Sis started having this telephatic power and could read minds through whatever magic or something, that, on my way back from dinner just now, sis sent a text message (names smeared off for privacy)...

I want I want I want! You bet! Of course I want!

But the thing is... I've been spending almost every evening of the week NOT in Klang. I thought I was like, driving a lot towards PJ and er yeah PJ. Like, literally every evening. :P Or at least it felt like so.

So I'm feeling really reaaaallyyy guilty... Because...


Those exams I mean.

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Rae P said...

having a *life* is important.

*exams* however, are important too xD

ahhh.....the balance of life that we mad@med students have to endure.

i can totally relate :/

Rae P said...

and hey, u know what? i don't know why, but my google reader seemed to be having some problems fetching your entries :/

i was kinda confused why it's been so long that u posted an entry, and i went to ur blog, and voila, all the entries that i haven't read. xD

just ranting off here....

don't mind me......................

TZ said...

Dude, go shopping this weekend ... do i get some nice nice Xmas present from you?

Since X'mas is around the corner... let's sing along with me

You better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I'm telling you why
your exam is coming to town
Your exam is coming to town
Your exam is coming to town


joshua said...

eh we got exam on the SAME DAY! haha

foongpc said...

I think The Gardens Mall is more classy than Pavilion. I didn't quite like Pavilion's Christmas deco this year. Oh, better concentrate on your exams! I'm so relieved I don't have to sit for any kind of exams ever!
: )

Medie007 said...

raeshad, that way, u can always come by visit. heeeee... :P

TZ, waiting for present for u actually. ahahhaha

joshua, oh weally? :P 2 subs here. :(

foongpc, yish! don't mention about it! blergh

foongpc said...

hi, I'm using your photo of the Christmas tree at pavilion for my blog. I hope you don't mind! I've included link to your blog in my post. Check it out here.

Pls let me know if you don't allow it. Thanks! : )