Friday, March 01, 2013

On the Traditional Chinese Hospital

 There was this Chinese Temple in Chinatown of Bangkok, typically the building of a Chinese temple. But the name of the temple was rather special. The main shrine houses a standing KuanYin alright, but the distinctive features was the row of chairs in front of the prayer hall.

It wasn't before long that we found out the temple was also a Chinese Traditional hospital. Completely equipped with consultation room and pharmacy... And even wards! At the back of the temple. Didn't find out how big the hospital was, but it does indeed, looked like at least a 100-beded ward.

Surprisingly, the amount of patients visiting was reasonably a lot. At 10am in the morning, the registration counter was facing quite a long queue! Apparently, it's quite an old hospital, set up since the era when the Chinese from mainland started migrating South-bound...

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Twilight Man said...

What an interesting hospital.