Saturday, March 02, 2013

On the Surprise Grapes

Beggars were not uncommon in Bangkok, when you don't want to bump into them. But more often than not, they would not be bothering you. They would just sit quietly at one corner, waiting for kind souls to kneel down and place some money into their empty bowl.

So while we were walking in Chinatown, we walked into this wet market and I came out with one kilogram of seedless grape. It was indeed nice. But I was actually eating along the way like it was a snack or something. Oh wait, it was meant to be snacks. But after about a dozen, I thought it was not as nice as I hoped it to be. The skin was bitter! SO bitter that I couldn't take any more. But it was heavy and I didn't want to carry a bag of grapes walking around in Chinatown, which, wasn't all that light...

And so... I decided to become an angel. *cough-cough* And left the bag next to a poor man sleeping by the roadside. I know it was mean and I was pretending to be kind for the wrong reasons... :( But think about it, wouldn't he be delighted when he woke up to a bag of food just next to him? Out of nowhere, like *poof*, magic...

But while we were walking away from him... I began to realize how stupid I was! That bag of grapes was expensive!

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Gratitude said...

expensive and sour! LoL