Friday, February 08, 2013

On Stalkers in Dean&Deluca

So we were actually staying just opposite this high-end grocer Dean&Deluca and only realized about it on our second night there. Having heard all the good reviews about the coffee and dessert, we didn't waste time paying a visit right away.

The array of dessert were fantastic. And the service provided by the waiter was even better. He practically introduced every single cakes available and said the rainbow cake was popular amongst those food-photographers while their gem would have been... I can't remember. LOL. But I know I had a taste of the cheese cake and chocolate cake, while the Hermes had some cappucino cake shapped in a cup.

Well, having been a nothing-better-to-do traveller on the loose, anything peculiar at all will not get away from my lense. And the fact that there's 2 good looking men sitting across each other in the shop, one in blazer and shorts while the other in shirt and jeans... Hmmm... Sweet!

3 Jujus:

Gratitude said...

stalked with pouty lips?

TZ said...

That's me opening the door... why i didn't know someone taking my picture. Wow~ I'm so big in size. Blek~

Small Kucing said...

one maybe just got off work