Thursday, February 07, 2013

On the Smelly Beef Noodle

One late evening, +Ant+'s local friend brought us to this place by the Klong, i.e. canal in downtown Bangkok, for the reputable beef noodle. Come to think about it now, I wouldn't have go through all the trouble given a choice. No, it's not because of the beef noodle being smelly (and I had that as a title just for, and it did get your attention no? LOL). Its the trouble of having to elbow my way through the human traffic at the BTS stations and the overhead bridge!

 But of course, there is a whole row of shops selling beef noodle, identified by the color of shirts the workers wear. We only tried one where the waiters and waitresses wore pink, and it was not bad really. Considering how unhygienic a place it was actually located, having no diarrhoea the next day confirmed these Thais really do care about their food hygiene.

We had about 3 bowls each. Of noodles of different dishes. Could barely remember what I ate by now. But having visual recallections of what we had did help somewhat. Then again, I can't remember what this was. Fried pork skin? Or wait, wasn't it beef noodle shop? LOL

 But yes, the 6 of us had these number of bowls for dinner.

And still hungry...

2 Jujus:

Gratitude said...

And you had to omit the part where you walloped so much of the grilled beef and pork skin :P

Small Kucing said...

how many bowl is that??? 20?? *pengsan*