Monday, February 11, 2013

On the Chinese New Year '2013

It was probably the best way to start the new year, or at least the Lunar New Year, with having the chance to no need to go to work for a whole week. What more better ways for an overworked healthcare slave but to stay in and get the most possible hours of sleep? LOL

Have only managed to fly in from the West on the CNY eve itself, but thankfully early enough to help out with some decorating. Mum had been grumbling that the house doesn't feel CNY-ish without all the reds around. So while she has bought all the little lanterns, she just laid out all the tablecloth that I've gotten over the past few travelings from China, Thailand and Cambodia for me to play around with. It was only 2 hours before the dinner at Grandpa's that the house had some 'reds' hanging here and there, giving it somewhat Spring-festive feels.

Dinner at Grandpa's was a bit quiet this year. Small uncle and his family is all the way Down South with the start of the new curricular year for the little cousins. Eldest Aunt's in KL with her grandson - i.e. my cousin's new baby. So that takes out a whole family. The one in Brunei wasn't back either. And 2nd uncle who lost his wife last year was only present after his sad dinner with his daughter. From the crazily packed 4 tables reunion dinner we used to have about 10 years back, it has dwindled to just 2 tables not even fully seated. Kinda quiet. And we burried our faces into the table of meats.

Grandpa hit the sac 2 hours shy of midnight.

First day of new year at home was also celebrated in conjunction with house warming. Dad threw in an arm, or probably with another leg, to get our two-decade-old house renovated and extended; oh wait, it wasn't renovated, it was practically reconstructed. The balcony upstairs walled up for extra room space. The kitchen extended. The living room extended. Front porch covered up. Old car porch walled into a room. And we've got a super beautiful knee-deep pool just in front the living room. Had it not for the fact that it was scorching hot after 11am until late afternoon, I probably would've just sit by the edge of the pool getting drunk. Literally speaking.

Mum prepared a big spread of cakes. 7 different types if I'm not mistaken. And cookies. And snacks. I'm pretty sure I gained 5kg by the end of Day 1 of CNY. We had Mum and Dad's bosses over with some Malay catering - Curry chicken, rendang and stuff, enough to feed 50. A bit too much, but hey, it's like free food all day long. Aside from the cakes and cookies.

By nightfall, I was in pain with bloatedness. LMAO. Was so tempted to popped the 300RM Vueve Cliquot LaGrande Dame, but Dad decided it should go to the display cabinet instead. Hmm. Soon enough I guess we would need to make room for a cellar or something.

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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Small Kucing said...

Happy CNY, Medie

TZ said...

Happy CNY. Medie007...

Hehehe... tell me about it, i have so much of food for the past few days too. I think CNY is too much of food.

Champagne~ Ulala...