Wednesday, February 13, 2013

On the Matchmaking

Many many moons ago, Mum gave me a phone number and asked me to contact the person. A girl apparently. My age, she said.

Earlier on, her colleague at school asked Mum to give her my number instead so that her daughter can contact me. But my Mum was reluctant, fearing I might not be happy; so she passed her daughter's number instead.

Moons later, the colleague of Mum, brought her children over to visit on the first day of CNY. I couldn't recognize her to be honest. But she said I've changed lots, and she still remembers me. It took me a while to finally slowly recognize a bit of her eyes. While Mum was busy serving food, she asked me to sit next to her! Like, seriously?! If it's a matchmaking, it's like, both mothers of both party wanna be present. =.="

I took my food (we had catering on the first day of CNY) and headed into the living room, rather than sitting next to her. I mean, heck, it's super awkward can! I'm freaggin' 26 years old! But yes, I'm still a boy! I'm well, yes... shy...

It wasn't until later when we ushered them into the 2nd living where all the cakes and cookies are that I sat down on the table and started to make small talk. Something about our previous school. About our previous school mate. About our work now. About how she ended in the town where I'm working as well. About our flights - omg~you bought the 600RM flight too?! Yeah... And her mum was like, "Quick, save his number lah." And she was like... okay lo...

*rolling eyes*

I think it wasn't her. It was her mum. And she was just playing along. Like any other mothers whose daughters are 26 and single, they would start to worry and start this matchmaking process, and they never cease until their girls got hitched. I knew it.

But to give you the benefit of doubt, her daughter was damn "chio" la. She could easily get hitched. Why wait for me right? LOL.

Oh well. Let's just see how things go after the CNY when we're not anywhere near our Mums.


3 Jujus:

Anonymous said...

may be you can try to go out with her and see how lo.

TZ said...

Welcome to the club. First Matchmaking experience eh~

Twilight Man said...

You are only 26?? Still young lah!
She is 26 and no BF!!?? Gross! Her mum better marry off the old hen.