Friday, January 11, 2013

On Trailing Beijing #9: Peking University

Other than the Great Wall of China, which I will probably flood the blog with hundreds of photos next week, I suppose I was most proud of my Beijing Trip last year with the visit to Peking University! Albeit just practically walking from one gate to another. LOL. I know I know, it wasn't as though I was there for any official reason, visiting some deans or attending interviews or what nots, but it's Peking Univeristy for Christ's sake! It's like the Oxford of China! And it's not like University of Malaya of Malaysia; China is like, the population alone made up more than 20% of the world's population! So yeah, only creme de la creme was accepted. Well, even if I'm wrong, don't tell me, coz I want to think very highly of Peking University. LOL

Made our way there only quite late in the evening. Well I figured it wasn't like the Medical Museum in Bangkok where I could relate to, my main aim was probably just to take a photo of myself with the main gate anyways. So said the cam-whore. LOL. But I gotta say, this university deserve her pride. Anyone graduated from here should walk proud. Well at least I know a doctor who is. :D

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