Thursday, January 10, 2013

On Trailing Beijing #08: New Summer Palace

With the Old Summer Palace burnt down by the Western invasion, so much so for Asians looking up to the Western architecture, there is a New Summer Palace accessible via train with entrance from the North.
And we were welcomed by touts-alike guides at the entrance of the UNESCO heritage for being a MASTERPIECE of Chinese landscape garden design. Only in China where the Emperors were God. No offence.

It was so vast a garden that, well, practically one couldn't finish everything, if you would want to go around the lake, in one morning. But of course, we did, somewhat, "walk horse see flower (花)" LOL

The marble ship of which we were told the Emperess travelled in from the Forbidden City down the man-made canal was practically... ridiculous! She hired, or rather, enslaved, people to pull the big stones along the side to get her from the palace to the garden. I mean, I find it pretty ridiculous being an outsider. But then again, it's history.

Of course, the view from the top was spectacular.

See that block of building in the picture below?

That was where I got robed into getting an expensive gift for my Mum. I was almost tempted to purchase the wealth pendant here too!

Then again, I think this is a place where I would recommend my parents to. ..

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thanks for sharing the place that must be eat during at Beijing~ hopefully one day i can go there~

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