Wednesday, January 09, 2013

On Trailing Beijing #07: Old Summer Palace

One of the last few emperors of China was deemed to take a favour in Western architecture, having a summer palace built in structures similar to that you would only find in the West. But I suppose not many would be travelling to this ruin when there's one perfectly beautiful New Summer Palace if they don't have much time in hand. *wink* Perks of free and easy travelling.

When I first stepped into the core of the beautifully landscapped garden, the ruins of the fountain, which was made the key attraction of this park, practically swept me away, giving me the impression as though I was in Europe. Perhaps I will confirm with you again how it feel in a few months' time. *hint* Had it not for the amount of ching-chong who just stood in front of the camera without much civic mindedness, it would have been a perfect magical land, Western-like ruin in the origin of the ching-chongs. *No offence*

That aside, the lake and the park was beautiful and spectacular. And with the winter fast approaching, the one fastest tree that has its leave turning brown became the spotlight.

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Small Kucing said...

LOL...maybe can use a software just "erase" those unwanted fella from the photo