Saturday, January 12, 2013

On the Must Eats of Beijing

1. Quan Ji De crispy skin duck. There are numerous Peking Duck all over Beijing. Heck it's like the origin of the dish anyways. But I was told that this is like, the grandfather of Peking Duck, where the Emperor actually tried. And the brand name actually survived over the rains and floods until now. Wasn't exactly cheap, which was why we had ours at the 'fast-food' side of the restaurant: -some flour-skin and the duck.  Good enough!

2. Du Yi Chu Dim Sum! If you know me, you know I'm biased. I'm from Kuching. Anyone who asked me what's nice from Kuching, and my answer would always be Siu-Mai, Laksa and Kolo Mee. So Siu Mai it was even all the way in Beijing. But this one that we went to, was also pretty much a brand name. The Dim Sum were special. We had a tray. Different flavour. Love the presentation. But the 'flowery' top wasn't as palatable compared to the chunck of meat. LOL

ps: The waiter was indeed wearing traditional samfu.

3. Dong Lai Soon sliced mutton. And it's served best during the winter! Steamboat style!

But of course there were so many other foods in Beijing. I suppose you can't get away with the fact that Chinese just practically eat.

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Twilight Man said...

Weeiiiii your dim sum looked damn nice man! I love that. My stupid tour took me to eat at Military Hospital's Cafeteria almost every meal. Serious!

Small Kucing said...

mmm...makes me drooling with the delicious food la.....i would love to try the duck skin