Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On the Electronic Post Card

So I went over to the Marina bay area, and entered the Art Science Museum again. And this time round, as compared to the past when I just purchased the ticket to only the Titanic display, I got myself  the tickets to both the exhibition, I was free to roam around inside the building. 

Somewhere along the gallery that explained about the structure of the lotus, I came to know that it was actually a three building complex: some glass house as the entrance, the lotus part which was hold on a middle pillar or something, and the underground gallery.

And they had some ancient technology on display, which I didn't quite get. I mean, I understand they put up the explanation on what makes the building and all. But to jumble a flying machine in the past with atomic molecule and a flying lantern? I don't quite see the connection there...

But anyways, there was this public computer that provides something like 'draw' that enabled visitors to create their personalized postcard thing. And hence I did.

 The funny thing is, I put the sender's address as my friend's and mine as the recipient. SO... in the end, I got the electronic postcard, from my friend, who wasn't even there! LMAO. And he was so shocked as to how I could actually hack into his email to send the postcard.

Speaking of technology huh?

For more information, don't hesitate to Google up!  >D

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Small Kucing said... that also can ah?

well, jokingly...lucky you did not send any ahem ahem material using the friend email else the fren will kena sect 114A