Monday, September 10, 2012

On the Gardens By The Bay

So yeah, actually I was just walking across the overhead-bridge that ran through the super-high-class hotel towards the newly opened attraction in the island nation, what they call as the Gardens by the Bay. I wasn't actually expecting much. My friend and I were pretty much walking aimlessly and we just thought we would walk about in Marina Bay Sans mall and we saw the signboard to the new garden.

It was supposed to be a park with different kind of plants from all over the world from what I gather. (Clearly I wasn't doing any research before I go and even now.)

And it was night.

So the concrete fake tree was lighted up and all.

And it was humid.

And there were so many people!

But what impressed me was the LEDs on the metal trees, and sitting at the bottom of the 'tree' looking up, it was like the sky was filled with stars...

And of course there was some performance going on.

It was in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the garden.

Quite special I'd say. The performers were running all over in the place.

And the visitors were like chasing after them. LMAO.

When the one on the right had spot lights on him, everyone rushed towards him to get a photo of him. And when there was one on the far left, people ran towards her.

Funny how these Singaporeans behave. LOL.

But it was a good night out for sure. Not having to sleep early and wake up early the next day.

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