Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Macarones Virgin

So I used to tell a friend, that whoever brag about macarons should be shot dead; especially those who said the first date should be eating macarons in Harrods instead of some mamak stall. Just joking. But yeah, I still mean half of what I said. *ahem* Not referring to anyone in particular, but I got pretty annoyed that people start to think too highly of this thing that it's a food for the Gods that only the rich and famous can take it; so if you're taking it, you too are a 'high-class' people. *vomit*

And honestly, no, I have no idea what it really is, other than it's a food for the sweet tooth. So I Googled. And according to Wikipedia, it's made of egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring; commonly filled with buttercream or jam filling sandwiched between two cookies.

The other day Sis bought back some.

The first bite...

O.Em.GEE!!! SO SWEET!!!!

There's no way I'm gonna have this thing again. It's evil! It's gonna give you diabetes! It's... fattening! And it's... gonna cause tooth decay!

After 3 pieces of it, I called surrender. No more macarons. Forever.

Not even if it's just RM1 per piece.

But still, hey, that's very expensive for a piece of sugar!

2 Jujus:

Small Kucing said...

i find it very sweet too

Tempus said...

should have known. googled the way they make it, gosh its like, so not worth its price.