Thursday, July 12, 2012

On Dim Sum before the Break of Dawn

Headed back to KL straight after work for a weekend getaway and woke up the soulmate *oops* at 4.30am to go out hunting for dim sum with me. LMAO! I remembered a group of friends who brought me out for dim-sum once moons ago, and told me about the place in Cheras where all the clubbers would flock to way way after mid-night for dim sums.

But apparently the soulmate brought me to this one in Old Klang Road. And the whole shop was deserted on our arrival.

Not surprised really. It was, after all 5am. LOL.

Had quite a few dishes, loh mai kai, chee cheong fan and char siew pau. It's amazing how the two of us ate up to 34 bucks. Ugh full to the brim soon after.

So now you have a glimpse, what being a junior doctor and the friend of a junior doctor is like. Apparently, I'm not the only one who does that. A lot of my colleagues go out in the middle of the night after their on-call for food too.

Really. Why do you want to do medicine?! Just quit already!! XP

3 Jujus:

foongpc said...

Yummy! I like dim sum! : )

Small Kucing said...

quit? You or your frined?

TZ said...

expected right... otherwise people will not say "Doc life is like dog's life" so no offense eh~ LOL