Tuesday, June 05, 2012

On Becoming Fans of Wicked

So after the show, we were about to head home when we saw a queue lining up to meet the casts. I didn't know if we would need to pay or anything. But since I was a foreigner, I just walked up without shame and asked, "Need to pay ah?"


Okay, well that was about how it was.

But of course, seeing the title, you'd have guessed that it was free. We could get the cast to autograph on anywhere we wanted. Thinking it was of a sentimental value, that Wicked took my musical-theatre-virginity away, I bought the souvenir booklet for 20SGD.

Got up to the queue, had Madam someone to autograph on her page, the goat and finally the scarecrow, i.e. originally Fiyero, the lover of the Wicked Witch, who used to be the fiance of the Good Witch, but was later murdered, but was then saved by the Wicked Witch...

Kinda genius I thought. Wicked Witch casted a spell to save her lover, so that he wouldn't die. No bloods. No hearts. No pain. And walah, he turned into a scarecrow. Pierced but doesn't bleed.

Have to agree the writers were really creative.

But that aside, the girl friend that went together with me were all gaga over the actor.

I mean. I thought he's good-looking. But that body. I shall not say more. LOL.

But yeah... A pity though, neither the Good Witch nor the Wicked Witch were present.

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