Thursday, June 07, 2012

On iLight Marina Bay: The Gate

In conjunction with the Earth Hour thingy this year, there were all these creative installations around the Marina Bay. And coincidentally as I was there just towards the end of March, I got to go to see these amazing displays as well! One of the most intriguing display I thought was called "The Gate" by Li Hui of China. She created hundreds of laser beams frame on a doorway to create the sense of a symbolic passage and a path to enlightenment.

It wasn't as grand as some of the other displays for sure, but it still caught quite a lot of attention. Especially when there were all these laser beams creating a frame kinda thingy... And it's like... cute really...

Oh wait... Now I know why I find it cool...

It's like going to a club.


Gosh I so need to get out and chill one of these days... I need to be young again!

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Twilight Man said...

Young again?

You are still young la.

Small Kucing said...