Sunday, March 18, 2012

On the Yellowing Leaves

I blogged about getting new plants last year for Sis's new place.

But somehow, we didn't have green fingers. Even though the plant require minimum sunlight, and with adequate watering as instructed, our plants are turning yellow at the tip!


5 Jujus:

Tempus said...

No enough phosphorus or nitrogen. time to put in some ammonia and triple super phosphate into your plants medie. See, even vets have to know these stuffs XD

Small Kucing said... least yours can tahan so long. Mine long time gone to Plants Heaven liao


Danny said...

sorry no idea..
i myself is a plant killer ;p

[SK] said...

I even had my cactus died within a week, haha!!

Gratitude said...

I think you saw my giant plant right?! Time for some tender loving care ;)