Friday, March 16, 2012

On the Parking Ticket Machine Down

Many many moons ago...

So we were in Yuk Kee for breakfast one Saturday morning, and after parking our car, we thought we'd head over to the parking ticket machine to pay for our parking fee. But surprisingly, the machine was down and not functioning.

Another lady who was there earlier was asking if we were going to head for breakfast as well. She complained that she had to pay for a parking fine issued by DBKL for parking there the week before, and not have any parking ticket. She said she tried to explain to the officer in charged, but her lament were just dismissed. She looked worried initially, but after she knew that there were other people around on that day, she headed back to the shop for her breakfast, and asked us to inform her should we find any other ticketing machine nearby.

After looking around confirming that the only ticketing machine was spoiled, we decided to take a photo of the machine. Should we ever have any summonses, we'd have proof that the machine was spoiled, and not that we didn't want to pay. The authority should at least answer the local complains and come fix it.

But alas, it was a peaceful day.

4 Jujus:

Twilight Man said...

Good idea! I never thought of taking photos! Instead I took photos of people giving bribes!

Small Kucing said...

but then the authorities might say we sendiri paste the sign on the machine.

foongpc said...

Are you sure the photo will help? Photos can be doctored nowadays haha!!

foongpc said...

Yuk Kee again? I think it's Yut Kee lah : D