Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On the Inspirational Running Videos

I suppose I should've at least improved my running time by now if I were ever taking running seriously. But I guess I ran for... well, I don'treally know. 1.5 years into running and I've yet really hit 10km in less than 1 hour. -,-" Bleh. But never mind... After this I shall really train for it. I hope I would get to that...

But anyways, I came across a few inspirational videos on youtube about some major marathon events in the US.

The New York Marathon,

Boston Marathon and

Chicago Marathon.

They're touching. Really. I was full of emotions when I was watching them, especially the one of Chicago Marathon. I suppose it's that form of achievement when you cross the finishing line. That that that... eruption of joy and relieve and... and... well... it's like you've push to your limit and you finally made it. That victory and that joy, it's beyond what words can describe.

But damn, those Americans sure know how to run. 3.5 hours for 42km. I'd be happy if I could finish that distance. LOL.

And I was wondering why is our local marathon events not as dramatic as those......

New year resolution. To complete a full marathon of 42km. *gulps*

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Small Kucing said...

Jia Yoh!

[SK] said...

gulp!! but i show my support to your resolution - ADD OIL!!

Anonymous said...

aik, belum start keje ke?