Monday, February 06, 2012

On Donating Used Items to Tzu Chi

So it was Thursday before Chinese New Year that we sent the books out to the recycling centre. But after visiting a few centers and NONE of them wanted to send their small lorry or whatsoever, not believing that we have too much to fit in our small car, we headed over to Tzu Chi in town. Mum too, was reluctant that we send the books to the recycling centre ourselves, knowing how well we maintained all these books of ours. But we needed the room. Afterall, some of these papers are aged more than 10 years!

We headed to Tzu Chi to ask about their operating time. If there were no pick up service, at least we know we're doing charity. Guys at the centre asked us to bring everything over, and not wait for the following day; they'd wait till we've sent in everything.

Sis had to do 2 rounds in the end. First for all the second hand stuff, i.e. used clothes and shoes, kettle and pots and pans, used shoes still in good condition among which are 2 pairs of Scorpion footware. I've no idea how much they cost, but those are definitely something too expensive for us 15 years ago. I remembered we only wore it during Chinese New Year. After about 2 years, we totally forgot about it, and stored them away nicely in a shoe box under the staircase.

2nd round with our tiny Kelisa was of all the books. Reference books, tuition notes, old note books, exercise books from school, Mum's files and old documents, old magazines, and a stack of newspaper.

Sent a photo to a friend via messaging service and he asked how much did we make from the mountain?

I said... None.

One thing for sure, guys at the recycling cum donation centre were shocked that all the stuffs we sent in are still in good condition. I mean, of course they are. I expect these to be used by the needy. I came to know there were such NGOs in West Malaysia where used sports shoes were donated to the Orang Asli. But at least I know, these stuff are in the good hands of Tzu Chi.

The irony was... While we were shifting all these mountain-loads of stuff, there was a four-wheel drive dropping by as well. Out came a lady in jewellery and heavy make up in fine clothings. Went to the back and brought out her stuff. A used plastic tray.


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Small Kucing said...

wahhh so much

must be back breaking work to carry all those books

Michelle Mak said...

感恩有您!keep it up! :)