Saturday, January 21, 2012

On the Spring Cleaning for CNY

Back to the hometown almost one week before Chinese New Year. And I thought it was too early.

Now that I'm back... I didn't think it was early at all. Spring cleaning this year is... huge and all out.

Me: Oh.Em.Gee! The books! Easily 100kg!

Mum: Now only you know! If not how could you all become what you are now?

Apparently, we had been keeping all our reference books since secondary school, as in my Sis's, mine, my bro's and my mum's... LOL! Too heavy-hearted to throw them away before this. Want to keep as memories somewhat. But now that we are like, more than 5 years after secondary school, it's time to make way for something more useful for now rather than hoarding these books. A bit sad alright, can't help it though.

Good bye my good old friends. I will forever remember how I burnt the midnight oil for that scholarship that I never got.

Meh. Not like it matters to me now anyways. Am even more glad that I didn't get it. La-la-la

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Small Kucing said...

wah all still in very nice shape wor. Mine were like sayur masin LOL

Medie007 said...


Danny said...

happy cny dr. :)
when come back?

Medie007 said...

Hari Ke 10th maybe. Haha