Sunday, January 22, 2012

On the Eve of Chinese New Year 2012

I'm safely back in hometown. Weee!~ Been having Kolo mee like, every single meal. LMAO. And I'm still loving it.

Amazingly I adapted pretty quickly. No missing KL. And boy, was I glad that we left earlier. Saw some images on Facebook about how bad the traffic on the highway was. LOL. Whoever driving back to their hometown these two days, drive safely! XD *hint hint: TZ*

Anyways, last day of the Chinese calendar for the year of Rabbit.

Wishing everyone a good Chinese New Year Eve!

Medielicious doesn't rest! Haha.

3 Jujus:

[SK] said...

haha!! kolo mee every single meal?? are you gonna have all one year quota within this few days?? happy and prosperous year of dragon to you and family.. :)

doc said...

blessed new year to you & your family! your family must be very proud of you!!

your books can sell for recycling already because the syllabus & language of instruction will change. who would have imagined hang tuah & the others used to be our heroes but now are a part of fiction???

yeah, we all went thru rubbish education!

Naughty Prince said...

Happy Chinese New Year...
God bless u and ur family....