Wednesday, November 16, 2011

On The Pork Place



After result was released Friday the 4th of November, it was a spontaneous decision to head for dinner. Spontaneous in the sense that, I didn't want to confirm it beforehand just in case something bad happened. But anyways, after making some calls to a few people, it was decided that we'd go to this place called The Pork Place...

... in IOI Boulevard Puchong.

@.@ on a Friday evening....

All the way from Petaling Jaya. @.@ Yup. Imagine the jam. LOL. But all was well, I was in the mood. HAHA!

I didn't go home to change, and left straight for dinner at 5pm after picking up a friend. Should've left slightly earlier, but we doubted we could skip the massive after-work-jam anyways. Puchong is like, a super crowded residential area; and there were not enough roads going in or coming out from that area. =.=" And we had to be caught in the massive jam leaving KL (friend stays in KL), together with those working in KL as well... So... yeah...

It took us 1.5 hours. But we made it at last. Woohoo!~ TEMPAT BABI! YAY!

The whole place was cozy. With lots of pigs. Their pictures I mean. Very homely in a way. But the range of food in the menu was, well, I thought limited. But that proved to be a good thing too, at least we wouldn't need to think too much on what to order.

I shared a sausage platter with another friend. HUGE SAUSAGE! *Me loike!* Love the texture and the taste. ^^

And we also shared the salad dish. Not entirely sure what was the name. But there are some few slices of pork in it. Normally I would sort of force myself to chew on these leaves, but I was amazed that the leaves here are very delicious.

Also tried a few pieces of the pork knuckles. Deep fried skins are... hard to chew. But the meats were tender and juicy. Yummy~

Apart from cooked food, there was also a cold storage in the shop selling pork. I found out later that the pork supplies are actually the owner's own, i.e. the owner owns a pig farm. So they guaranteed the quality of their products.

Personally, I couldn't tell their qualities apart. After all, nothing would taste any better that evening anyways. LMAO!

But truly, if you want to try good stuff, no harm trying it out.

But yeah, I know. This post is far from being a food post anyways. Click here for proper reviews.

6 Jujus:

Gratitude said...

Tasty leaves.... such a discovery huh?! Lmao
1st try of Chatime was nice too.

reanaclaire said...

wow...dint know this place is allowed to open for pork meals only! :)

Twilight Man said...

Dr.Porky Bong went to have a pork feast. How nice!

[SK] said...

i just love pork!! yummy yummy sausages, and i like the name too, so explicit and high profile!! haha~~ :D

TZ said...

I salute you... able to sit in the car for 1.5 hours and jam all the way to Puchong for this pork place...

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, how about trying some fusion salted duck egg with soft shall crab crystal noodles?

Do visit the ROCKFISH NOODLE BAR at IOI Boulevard, Puchong! We’re located right NEXT DOOR to the Pork Place! <3