Friday, November 11, 2011

On the Dream Came True


I had been angry for so long. For the past 6 months, I was holding grudges against everybody. I was pissed, I was tired, and I wanted to give up. My Dad lost his cool on my once; because he heard some stupid rumors. And I, many times with my Mum and my sister; because I felt controlled..

So the final exam came and ended. 5 days. Over 2 weeks. With breaks in between. It was finally over. The exam tension and stress...

I was relieved it was over. But I couldn't stop imagining that I MIGHT have to go through all this shit for another half a year. I was scared and on many occasions, I could actually heard my heart pounding. I tried to keep myself occupied with movies and drama series. I went online and tried to play games, and I went through some old photos and did a lot of photo editing. Yet I didn't dare to touch any of my books or clear my study table, having delusions that if I cleared them too soon, bad things might happen...

Result day.

Friday the 4th of November. 2 days the exam ended on November the 1st.

It was drizzling that morning. Traffic was slow. And the road was jammed up. For a distance I took only 10 minutes on normal days, that stretch of road dragged for a whole long hour. I was headed back to school, in case I had to attend the special viva session. But I dreaded it. On many occasions, I was so scared that I shouted my lungs out inside the car. My hands were trembling. My legs were shaking. Pairing that with the jam where I had to step on the brake and clutch and accelerator, I was amazed I didn't get involved in any accident.

The viva list was scheduled to be released at 9am. I checked my phone again and again, praying that I wouldn't receive any messages from the Dean's office about getting called for the viva session. Every other 5 minutes I checked my watch and my phone. 30 minutes after 9, while I was still stuck in the jam, Mum called. And I jumped. Literally. "Gosh you scared me!"- was the first words I said to her.

15 minutes after that, while I was still trembling inside the car, I jumped at another text message. A colleague sent a text to inform me that there were 6 people in the list, and the official result due at 3pm. I was partially relieved, but not entirely. After all, I needed to be on the passing list. I had to.

I finally arrived at school 1.5 hours after I left home. But I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to clean my room. Neither do I want to go to the ward or stay in the library. So I went for lunch. And fought for seats with all the other office workers in some newly opened business center.

By 3pm, I was back in front of the Dean's office. The crowd was already gathered there. Everyone was nervous. And whenever there was anyone coming out from the Dean's office, everyone looked at him/her. My heart was pounding harder and harder as time passed. And when the secretary of the office finally came out holding a piece of paper, everyone crowded upon her.

She gave a speech. About something. I couldn't remember, I wasn't paying any attention at all.

I was chanting under my breath. And I was sure she saw my lips moving non-stop.


The tension that she built was beyond what words can describe.

And when she finally ended her speech, she headed to the board.

"I shall post this one up first." She said.

"Oath taking ceremony will be on the 14th. Bring your parents along. And boys, wear coat."

After that, she turned around, "Ready? Everyone ready?"

I stared at her. My heart was beating twice every single second she was delaying. For a moment it was beating so hard I actually felt pain. And when she finally posted it up...

My heart stopped beating.

Someone shouted "Alhamdulillah..." Followed by some screams...

And then I saw it.

I walked away, trying to hide my tears.

The first thing I did was calling my Mum... But she didn't answer the phone.

So I dialed my Dad's number instead.

"Pa, result's out."

"How is it?"

"OK lo..."

"OK means what?"

"Pass lo!"

"Oh.... Congratulations!"

And he continued with his speech. Something about not stopping there, and lots of things to do right after, about housemanship placing and the hostel fees and tuition fees and such... I didn't get everything he said though. LOL.

I was too happy for words. And was thinking on how to tease my mum. LMAO.

As I headed back towards the car, Mum replied my call earlier.

"So how so how???"

The impatience in her voice was very obvious. I believed her heart stopped pounding for a minute as well.

The thought of teasing her didn't materialize in the end. I couldn't come to do it.

"Oh! Finally! Oh my God... I'm so happy. Oh! I wanna cry now! Oh God... Your hard work finally paid off! Oh... I feel like hugging you now! I'm so happy!!! Oh..."

And the so many "oh"s after that. LMAO!

Everything else was history after that.

I informed the brother in Prague and the Sister who was then holidaying in Krabi.

Then, I informed some good friends. Headed out to Puchong for dinner with these close friends.

And went on to do some other things the following few days.


Entering medical school used to be a dream. It came true.

But, finishing it was one hell of a tough job.

And when I mean tough, I doubt any of you would understand. It was a torture of emotions and mentally draining, of which I wasn't really prepared for.

After 5.5 years of medical school, I'm finally unemployed. For some reason, I'm so happy that I'm finally unemployed. And for once, I feel liberation; from anger, hatred, worries, fear and of course, University of Malaya.

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Gratitude said...

Thank tushita the severe case of perpetual pouting didn't have to be prolonged for another 6 months. Really happy for you D!

[SK] said...

congratulations!! so you are all ready to pave a bright path to your journey of doctorship?? all the best..

TZ said...

Dr. Bong...

LittleLamb said...

Congrats to you. I cant imagine being in ur shoes..being so stress out, pressured. I guess only those in medical school? I didnt have this feeling for my normal Bsc degree many moons ago...

Anyway, look forward. Have a good weekend and break-a-leg

Small Kucing said...

Congratulations!!! :)

Udyr said...

Congrats ! Glad that you finally made it through ^^

Cally Choo said...


I have tears in my eyes when i read this post.

Feel really happy for you!
Super Happy! =D

Everyone is so proud of u.

Ev. C said...

Congratulations Dr Bong!!! =)

Medie007 said...

hehe. thanks everyone! :D

Danny said...

i'm gng to tell my friends that i'm a friend of a doctor.. go lansi lansi a ;p

Anonymous said...

Congratulations....very well deserve...very happy for you.

Alicia said...

Congratulations to u...I know how it feel to go through the torture of the exam. I went through the same kind of stress & torture for my bar exam...the moment the eyes browse through the passing list..gosh that moment was classic ;)

anyway, time to enjoy the fruit :)

Twilight Man said...

Hello Dr. Bong! Congratulations! You didn't even text me haah, means I am not in your list laaa.. Sniff!

Medie007 said...

lol Twilight, i didn't loud-speaker-ed lor... didn't wanna announce mar.

but not too late for u to belanja me yet. WAHAHAHAHA!

Twilight Man said...


Okay deal, I think you deserve a treat! UMAMI! The best grilled crabs and wings are there!