Thursday, August 04, 2011


So we went to Old Town White Coffee after dinner for some coffee and hanging out one Friday night, it was already 11.30pm when we arrived. There were still quite a lot of customers inside the premise, after all it's a Friday night. And so, we ordered our stuff, some tea and a float and there we were chatting away when suddenly...

The air-conditioned was switched off 15 minutes later. It was just the one near to where we sat. And it was hot... Bloody humid weather that night. So there was one customer who walked up to the cashier and asked him to check it out. And he did, went to the switch panels and switched it on again.

3 minutes later, it was turned off again. And my friend went complaining again. And he apologized and switched it on again.

Outside, the other waitress were cleaning up, piling up the chairs and pushed it towards the floor-t0-ceiling glass wall hard, shocking us as we were just sitting on the other side of the glass panel!

Not long after, the lights where we were sitting were switched off! It was a bit shocking alright. We were still sipping our drinks and all. So when the lights were already off, what can you expect about the fan? It has been switched off over and over again. And the cashier went switching in on again and again every time we stared at him once the fan was turned off.

It's one thing that they passed us the bills indicating the cashier needs to close the account for the day, but it's definitely not to switch the lights off at a customer.

Friend was furious, and wanted to use the toilet, but the horror went further when the only toilet in the premise was locked up! We demanded for an explanation as to why the workers were treating us that way when it's just 12midnight, and they said the shop only close in another half an hour.

See, I can pay before the shop closes up, but if the operating hours is until 1230am, then at least only start 'chasing' the customers like at, 1215am?

Besides, wouldn't it be easier to just walk up to the patient and say, "Sorry sir, we're closing in 15 minutes." rather than, say, switch off the lights and the fan and expect the customer to pick up the 'subtle' hints and leave.

I know this is probably not the workers' fault, they're Burmese and all. But the management of OLD TOWN WHITE COFFEE should at least educate their workers on this matter?

I personally find it rude.

Very rude.

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[SK] said...

that is absolutely very rude!! you should lodge a complaint to the HQ top management, most probably they will apologize and send you some vouchers.. :p

Tempus said...

This is what you call kuai lan and dai pai. Just tell them you will report to the tribunal and they start trembling.

Twilight Man said...

I complained once and sent them email but no reply. I still go there to eat sometimes. Am I not a FOOL?

All their toilets are famous for being dark no lights, wet & smelly or out of order. Food were often served by snail waiters and now they hang banners again - 15 minutes delivery guaranteed!

Small Kucing said...

the one at my side here also same. Dirty smelly toilet and close before the time

cpl said...

agreed! this is the bangsar south branch near hillpark right?? stupid outlet.. experienced it twice before..