Friday, August 05, 2011

On the Speed Trap

Sigh... I tell you lor... Jin soi one lor. Sigh... So sad... On 18 of June hor, I was driving from Mont Kiara after lunch lor, ma pass through the toll and go through the tunnel lor, then because the car in front of me was slow la, so I ma overtake him lor. Mana tau hor... once overtook already want to enter the tunnel that time, I saw it. A guy sitting at the divider with some speed trap thing. Shit lo shit lo... I was like, sure kena already. Soi lor... Sigh... Then true enough lor... After I came out from the tunnel, not far from the junction coming out from TTDI, police block jor. Shit la... I was still half hoping the police will cock-eye won't see my car. But didn't lor... Kena pulled to the side.

In proper English, I was pulled over for driving over the speed limit.

Police: Dari mana? (Where are you from?)
Me: Mont Kiara.
Police: Ke mana? (Where are you headed?)
Me: Damansara.

ice: Tau you pandu berapa? (Do you know your driving speed?)
Me: 90 probably.

Police: You pandu 102. (Your speed was 102kmph)

Me: Oh.

Police: So ni kena saman ni. (So I'll give you a summon)

Me: Oh.

And I passed him my driving license.

Police: You kerja ke? (Are you working?)
Me: Student.

Police: Kat mana? (Where at?)

Me: XXX.

Police: You asal mana nih? (Where are you originally from?)

Me: XXX.

Police: So you tinggal kat mana? (So where are you living at?)

Me: XXX.

Police: Family?

Me: Yes.

Police: So I bagi saman ni. (So I'm giving you summon.)

Me: Oh...

Then he paused for a while.

Police: So I bagi saman ni. (So I'm giving you a summon now.)
Me: Oh.

Then he walked to the front of the car for a while, and returned within 1 minute.

Police: Nanti saman kirim kat rumah. (So the summon will be mailed to your house address)
Me: Oh.

After driving away for like 2 minutes or so, then only did I realized, FUCKETY! I just got issued my first summons after 5 years of driving! WTF?! T______T Super emo...

4 Jujus:

[SK] said...

he has given you two chances by hinting you to "buy him starbucks coffee" lor, you didn't realise at all??

Small Kucing said...

ya time dont OH lo...say selesai sini boleh?

Tempus said...

baah I kena saman for parking by police all the time. screw those starbie teehees la

AmeZac said...

They supposed to give on the spot the summon. If he said like that mean he won't be giving you any. Probably he was waiting for duit kopi from you in first place.