Saturday, August 06, 2011

On Mixing Beer & Hard Liquour

One Sunday afternoon, while waiting for the movie to start and not knowing where to go, we were walking aimlessly in the mall. Walked passed the overcrowded Starbucks and Coffee Bean and finally headed for the Tiramisu in Suchan, but that too, blew off when the waitress left us sitting like stupid people for 10 minutes. And we ended up in, none other than the library. So commercially called.

Since the couch were occupied by a group of young parents and their kids who climbed around like monkeys without supervision, we decided to just sit at the bar. And that's when the 'majestic' hard liqueur shelf caught my attention.

It's huge man. And there are soooooo many varieties there too!

But of course, with just 40 minutes to go before the movie, we settled with a buy 1 free 1 daytime promotion of beer. Got ourselves Kronenbourg 1664, never tried this one before. It turned out fine, not weird after taste or what nots. Smooth indeed!

But the itchy hands didn't stop ourselves from flipping through their cocktails menu. Do you know they serve 164 types of cocktails and shooters here? Lots of really funny and obscene names too! Something with the "F" word, and Orgy too.

And then, the itchy mouths get ourselves an addition to the beers. B-52.

Mixing of the three types of hard liqueur...

And lighting them up!

Awesome trick man. It was my second time trying this shooter, but the last wasn't with flame.

And man, it felt as though the flame got into the straw when we sipped it in one breath. That gush of warmth down the throat. Awesome feeling.

I was taught not to mix hard liqueur with beer before, to avoid getting drunk. But since we would be inside the cinema, I thought it wouldn't be a matter anyways. After all, X-men ran for 132 minutes. By then, the alcohol level should have subsided.

But surprisingly enough, I was wide awake throughout the movie. It was really good! XD Either that, or the alcohols impaired my judgment. LMAO.

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Small Kucing said... how was the movie? :p

Didnt know kids are allowed in The Library. Thought adults only. Sorry jakun a bit :p

Twilight Man said...

Dr B is the right name - Brooks, Beer and Bong! Bring me there next time.

reanaclaire said...

Yam sing before the movie? :)

Anonymous said...