Saturday, July 30, 2011

On Recycling the Newspaper

So we packed up our read newspaper to be sent for recycle at IPC down the road. Mum said the newspaper here is way heavier than what we have at home; paper quality perhaps? Wat seemed to be a pile of just a few days worth of paper, she said it's very heavy already.

Apparently, one kilogram of newspaper were bought with 20cents! We reached the recycle center, handed in the newspaper and waited.

The center not only received old newspaper, we saw another man handed in some cardbox as well as some empty baby powder cans... As seen on the pricing list, one kilogram of aluminium cans can actually worth 2.50 bucks!

After about 5 minutes or so, the caretaker signaled us for our payment. My first thought was maybe just 2Rm at most... But guess how heavy were those newspaper? Just 4 piles, at most 2 1 month's...

61kg~! Amazed amazed!

2 Jujus:

Tempus said...

ok la. rm12 should be able to get like a decent mamak session of 2

[SK] said...

wow, so you are RM12 richer!! can go McD for lunch TWICE!!