Friday, July 29, 2011

On the Tyre Cap

One day months ago while I was driving Mum around in the shopping area nearby, I thought I heard some hiss from the wheel, so I turned my head sideways and gosh, I thought I saw something flew off!

"Gosh! The tyre the tyre!" I was panicking, and hit on an emergency break. Luckily it was a Saturday morning and the traffic was really slow.

The four-wheel drive from the opposite must've seen the rolling object and thought the same as well, and gave me a honk. Thankfully, no major pile-ups happened. I drove to the curbside and put on the emergency stop signalling and we headed out...

It was the tyre rim. Cap. Whatever it's called.

We walked along the road to see where the thing has landed and found it by the side of the road.

If I were alone, I wouldn't have given it a damn, I'd probably just put it in the boot and sort of forget about it. But Mum and Sis were adamant that I head to our regular mechanic and get it fixed back. Otherwise, they said it was as though you dress up nicely in a tux and wear slippers.


But in the end, it's back in place...

At the cost of 5 bucks.

4 Jujus:

Twilight Man said...

Aiyo! Mothers and sistas are pain sometimes. I would have fixed it for you at RM2.50!

Small Kucing said...

Lucky not the tyre. Once I was in a car at the Chan Sow Lin road. A tyre came off a big lorry rolling towards us. Lucky we managed to avoid the tyre else sure big damage. Funny thing is the lorry just syok syok go on its way. Dint realise one of the tyre missing.

Gratitude said...

You even need help to fix the hubcap? hahahahahahaha hehehehehe wakakakaka

Danny said...

lucky u .. cos last time mine flew off dunno where . i only realized when i reached home :(