Friday, July 15, 2011

On the Chicken-Cook-Red (Ayam Masak Merah)

Okay... so it was just the literally translation. Have no idea Ayam Masak Merah is in English. Basically it's just a local dish where there's lots of whatever spicy gravy in the dish. A chicken dish.

Sis cooked a few times before, but not from scratch. She bought fried chicken from KFC, opened a store bought instant gravy powder, and mixed in some water, and put the fried chicken in the wok, and twist and turn them chickens, and we had the dish for dinner.

So while the Mommy was here for the school holiday, one of the dinners we had at home was this.

Me: This chicken is bought ready-made?

Sis: Why you said so? Mommy can't cook this dish?

Me: No ma, if Mommy cook one, the chicken won't be such a big piece.

Mum: Hahaha. Yeah you guessed correctly. Malay store one... Their chicken is always in such a big piece!

Oh.. home cooked meals... such a bliss...

5 Jujus:

Twilight Man said...

Invite me over and I will wash the dishes for my meals.

Gratitude said...

Yup, mom still brings out that story once a while! lmao

Small Kucing said...

tarak invite me to cuba ke?

[SK] said...

oh, what a good idea!! KFC chicken and instant mix, and there goes the ayam masak merah!! haha.. simple!!

TZ said...

I still prefer the KFC original even though i didn't the modified dishes.